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Silicon Valley, CA


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About Me

a brief introduction

I will drive successful outcomes for you. I've done it for big and small, from startups to Apple and the NFL. I frequently find myself in flow from $0 through $50M in revenue.

I am a creative and analytical technologist who enjoys leveraging technology to drive business outcomes. I bring a strong aesthetic sense coupled with rich conceptual thinking abilities to the work I do. I enjoy the art and science of building world class teams that create things others have never considered or previously thought impossible.

Key Strengths

my areas of expertise

Executive Leadership

A company founder multiple times over, I have held CEO, CTO, and COO positions in startups through small companies. I have also held Sr. Director roles in publicly traded companies. I have a deep understanding of fiduciary responsibility as well as the importance of revenue growth in ensuring success.


Customer Success

I have been a student of customer success over my entire career. At Brookeside and I led and worked with a multidisiplanary team of engineers, sales experts, and psychologists to develop a science based theory and predicitve model of customer loyalty. With this model we were able to influence customer retention through actions taken on their behalf which led to trusted advisor status for our clients.


Full Stack Engineering

Early in my career, I worked on one of the very first web application servers (WebObjects) at NeXT. As a person who helped NeXT and Apple's customers implement web applications, full stack engineering at a very detailed level was required. My skill set spans software architecture and design, data modeling, database implementation, middleware, front end tools, and the ability to manage all the engineering disciplines involved in bringing a modern day software project to fruition.



I have the ability to develop concise, clear, and effective marketing materials. Excellent marketing messages tend to drive home a single point very well. They are iconic and resonate easily with the target audience. A good recent example of the results of my leadership in this area can be seen at Symantec's CustomerONE site where we developed content targeted at the C-Suite. Each piece is designed to highlight our own experiences securing Symantec's enterprise with our own solutions.


Building High Performing Teams

Without a doubt the most important aspect of great team building is knowing the end goal from the start. Every successful outcome needs people with different talents, skills, and backgrounds. I have been attacting top talent and building exceptionally high performing teams for almost 3 decades now. After you know where you want to go, finding the very best people with the skills to get you there is something I can help you with immediately. If you'd like some insight on my approach you can read this post on LinkedIn.


Agile Development & Reactive Systems

As a long time practitioner of the Agile approach (back in the day we called it "Extreme Programming"), I believe that it is a technologists' primary priority to satisfy internal or external clients through early and continuous delivery of valuable software. It means that working software is the primary measure of progress on any project I undertake. Driven by a deep focus on simplicity--the art of maximizing the amount of work not done-- I welcome changing requirements, even late in the development cycle. After all, the Agile processes harness change for a competitive advantage on the part of the businesses we serve.

In terms of Reactive Systems, all the necessary aspects of such systems are already recognised individually. I like to build systems that are Responsive, Resilient, Elastic and Message Driven. Systems built this way are more flexible, loosely-coupled and scalable. This makes them easier to develop and amenable to change. They are significantly more tolerant of failure and when failure does occur they meet it with elegance rather than disaster. Reactive Systems are highly responsive, giving users effective interactive feedback. If this sounds interesting to you, please take a look at Lightbend.

Previous Work

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